"Who keeps touching / overwriting /etc/resolv.conf?" Parallels Virtuozzo / Power Panel

I was quite perplexed at what kept touching / editing the /etc/resolv.conf file on a server I was setting up. A web search turned up suggestions that perhaps this OS configuration included Network Manager, which when installed becomes responsible for that file. I checked and Network Manager was not on any of the available servers I could check, including the server with the issue.

I found other suggestions to simply use the chattr command thusly:

chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf

I am not a fan of such techniques... I would rather find out what exactly is updating the resolv.conf file and see about adjusting that. However, finally I tried even that, and the box would no longer IPL! Checking the Parallels Virtuozzo / Power Pannels interface, I saw that the VPS itself was trying to overwrite my resolv.conf!!!!

So, I rolled back to the most recent backup, IPL was then successful.

I decided if Parallels Virtoozzo / Power Panel is really going to insist on being able to overwrite my configuration, that two could play that game. For now I simply added:

# rc.local
/bin/cp /etc/resolv.conf.lds /etc/resolv.conf

Good enough duct tape to get me to bed two hours late!