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HOW-TO: Re-Download Ubuntu .deb package for software installed when the package file has been deleted already

I ended up in a situation where Google Earth updated, and the new version does not work. I wanted to revert back to the just prior version, and I discovered I had not made a copy of the prior version's package file. Browsing Google's APT server greeted me with many unhelpful 404 pages... browsing the APT server discouraged!

So there is a standard to how the repositories are laid out. Knowing certain things allows by substitution to correctly arrive at, in this case, other versions of packages that should be also on the APT server.

Custom assembled attractive dark blue theme for Xfce with Clearlooks, Gion, and Moheli

Previously while on Ubuntu with the classic GNOME 2 desktop environment, I had developed a customized theme. Please if interested in that refer here:

Getting mouse control back from Vinagre Remote Desktop Viewer VNC session

I found myself trapped within a Vinagre Remote Desktop Viewer VNC session to a remote Linux server console. Trying all keys to find the magic key to pop mouse control back to my local Linux system, finally I found it: the F10 key! In the mean time, I had found the key to make the Vinagre on-line help come up, was navigating through it using keyboard only... and what few help suggestions there were, they always told to go to the Vinagre menu to click on something...

Adding back Skyrocket screensaver to Xubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

I knew how to add my favorite screensaver, Skyrocket, to Xubuntu based on having researched it before: However this time, the Really Slick Screensavers GLX Port entries did not show up in the list of screensavers. So I went searching how to get them to become available.

I discovered in this file:


that I should perform the following:

$ ps aux|grep xscreensaver

Leveraging PARSE from Open Object Rexx in Bash

Some time ago, I was lamenting that Bash did not have something comparable to PARSE found in Rexx / Open Object Rexx. Shortly I received a reply from Dallas Legan that he had built a tool capable of exposing the power of PARSE and allow it to be used within Bash scripts. That concept totally rocks! That tool may be found here:

"A Simple, General Command Line Filter In REXX"

HOW-TO: Sending emails from the Command Line with Ubuntu Linux using sendEmail

For some time I had been of the opinion that sending emails from the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) simply had to be more complicated than with Windows using Blat. Not so! Over the weekend I learned of sendEmail which offers equivalent functionality.

HOW-TO: Fixing USB 2.0 HDD / Flash Storage Devices on Ubuntu 10.04 Linux

There is a nasty / annoying bug in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Linux which prevents attaching USB storage devices such as hard disk drives (HDD) and Flash memory stick drives. With the assistance of others in the Ubuntu bug tracker system, I just arrived at a little script which successfully corrects the Plug-n-Play (PnP) detection problem. It is as follows,

Note: You need to run this script as root (aka sudo the script).

#!/bin/bash -x

cd /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ehci_hcd

USBDRIVE=`/usr/bin/find ./ -name "0000:00:*"`

Custom assembled attractive dark blue theme for GNOME with Mist and Gion

I recently got a bit bored with my usual Clearlooks GNOME theme. I wanted something with non-rounded controls and dark blue active title bars. Here is what I came up with.

1) First I added a couple of Ubuntu GNOME theme related packages. Both are required as Mist comes from one and Gion is in the other.

apt-get install gnome-themes-extras gnome-themes

2) Next customize the Mist theme as follows:

System \ Preferences \ Appearance \ Mist \ Customize...

Controls: Mist
Colors \ Selected Items \ Background: #3B5998

HOW-TO: Apache Virtual Host (Multi-Site) and mod_ssl (SSL) can be compatible

Some time ago I found documentation lacking for how to successfully configure name-based Apache Virtual Host (Multi-Site) and allow one of the domain names to have mod_ssl (SSL) enabled while having only a SINGLE static IP address. The answer turned out to be... "You must set up your Apache configuration files correctly!" Here is what I discovered.

HOW-TO: Opening SeaMonkey new message window for mailto: links with Firefox on Ubuntu Linux

I recently switched my email client from Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x to Mozilla SeaMonkey (latest) as Mozilla Thunderbird 3.x is so undesirable. Things were working quite well. I found the place to set which component of SeaMonkey it opens to on start up and selected the Mail component.

However there was one annoyance! In Firefox when a web page has a mailto: link, clicking that link would not open a new SeaMonkey email window... I would only see the SeaMonkey program flash in the lower panel within Ubuntu Gnome desktop.

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