How to fix Windows 10 Credential Manager Error 0x80090345

Updated: Matching .reg filename with the Samba project's file name suggestion of the same purpose.

Beginning about two years ago now, we have encountered now three separate issues that I finally found the solution / resolution for. The first was Microsoft Office Professional 2019 refused to login on the top title bar. It would pop up this strange and obnoxious hexadecimal error code.

The second error this solution resolved was that QuickBooks would not operate properly on desktop logins that are accounts on our Samba Domain Controller. One example of how QuickBooks would misbehave is in its Chart of Accounts, it would scramble one of the account's account number field... the rest of the accounts when exported to an IIF file were perfectly intact.

The third area this same fix resolves in in activating Microsoft Office 365 seats. This same error code would result when trying to activate a workstation installation covered by an Office 365 license.

An Internet search today brought up the following page:
"How to Fix Credential Manager Error 0x80090345"

I worked through Solution 1 on that page by hand, and it fixed the Office 365 activating issue! So I built a .REG file I could simply import into impacted computer's registry rather than apply the fix by hand, It is as follows below:





Apply this registry update file, IPL (reboot your computer), and retry the operation that was previously giving this annoying Error 0x80090345. Hopefully it resolves the issue for you as well.

I like it a lot

Maybe one day I will write a book based on this perfect writing. Great job really.